Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burlington School Board Votes for Edmunds Accessibility

The Burlington school board passed the following motions tonight. This is a great stride forward! More steps to come.
2) Elevator Accessibility

2a) Motion: Ask Bobby Miller to review concepts and budget for Phase I to verify budgetary numbers and identify potential problems as well as have the plan reviewed by Access Board.

2b) Motion: to request prior to any concept reviews, the C Building addition that addresses security, external access and curricular program access be added to the concept drawings.

2c) Motion: to accept the recommendation to finance Phase I A Building elevator project by using $1,090,000 from FY 12 capital project plan, $300,000 IDEA ARRA funds and ask the city or other viable source to support the project with the additional $300,000 needed.

3) Motion: to authorize and direct the chief administrative officer of the city to pledge the credit of the city by issuing negotiable orders, warrants, notes or bonds in an amount not to exceed in the aggregate two million dollars ($2,000,000) in fiscal year 2010 for the purpose of providing working capital and capital improvements, additions and replacements required for the efficient and economical operation of the school department.


  1. I am a long time advocate for children and families and have been working with the group to improve accesibility in BSD, in particular Edmunds MS. I want to thank the Board and Superintendent for your efforts in support of making Edmunds MS accessiblle to children, families and community members.

    Connie Curtin
    Former ED, Vermont Parent Information Center