Monday, October 24, 2011

Student revolt on Mt. Philo!

A lovely story from Ben's first year at Edmunds Middle School. He's likely the first student in the 111-year history of Vermont's most prominent school to attend using a wheelchair. The five-story brick building, which sits on Main Street in the state's largest city, was made whole last year with the addition of an elevator.

Ben's team of 50 6th graders and teachers did a "hike for hunger" fund-raiser last week... they hiked to the top of Mt. Philo. As the kids spilled out of vehicles at the base of this mountain, Ben's mom prepared to drive him to the top in their ramp-van via the access road. Everyone else was hiking up the narrow trail through the woods.

That's when the student revolt hit. "No fair!" "Ben should go with us!" Suddenly, Ben was headed up the access road with a dozen classmates and adults pushing and pulling him in his wheelchair! That's a loooong steep push! (See pair of photos on the school's home page.)

What a great group of students and teachers. Diversity benefits everyone.

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