Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sample letter to VT Legislators

Here's another sample letter we just received... this one to Vermont legislators. Click here to reach your state rep. and senators.

Please help secure funding for Edmunds Middle School in Burlington

Dear State Senators and Representatives,

I am writing to ask respectfully for your support in securing stimulus package funding for handicap accessible improvements at the Edmunds Middle School in Burlington. Though I am not a Burlington resident and my children do not attend the school, I am strongly in favor of committing funds for this much needed and long overdue improvement. I am deeply concerned that perennial budget issues have prevented the school from providing equal access to education for students with accessibility issues, and I urge you to do whatever you can to ensure that the school receives enough money to install elevators and ramps for wheelchair bound kids to attend school.

For an excellent article on Edmunds Middle School's situation and a portrait of several concerned parents, please click here:

Thanks so much for your consideration.

Elaine Sopchak
Essex Junction

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